Complete Peace of Mind for Only $39.95 monthly

Includes taxes and fees


Our POM (Peace of Mind) Service Program is a very simplistic maintenance program. Suggested by our customers, we devised a service plan that meets and exceeds your needs providing in-shop services visits every 4 months. Details below.



Eliminate the need for A and B Services...
...replace it with Peace of Mind
(And save up to 25% on Labor)
As a new customer you want to save but you may not wish to commit to a service program quite yet. You may opt out of the POM program at any time (30 day advanced noticed to stop recurring payments). There are no contracts or commitments. You keep all discounts applied during your POM activity. The only requirement is that your monthly payment total of 39.95 must total the amount due if an A or B Service with any included maintenace additions were performed. If you like what you see you can keep the discount by joining the Peace of Mind Service Program. Its that simple! 

*POM Program applies to inshop service and maintenance only. Monthly charges must be set up via Automatic Payment. Membership fee is per vehicle not per member. If a membership is cancelled for any reason including nonpayment, membership can not be reinstated at any time unless cancellation is because the vehicle registered is no longer owned by the member. POM members must provide 30 days notice prior to canceling. Should a member cancel, they are responsible to pay the full cost of the last A or B Service performed and or services performed during the POM Program. If the previous monthly payments total more than the full value of those services performed during the POM Program, no additional charges will be due. Example: You join POM program 1/1/2015. A min of 2 payments due in advance totaling $79.90 prior to an A Service or B Service being performed. You have A Service peformed 2/5/2015. A Service regular price is $203.84 with tax. If you cancel POM on 2/15/2015 you would have paid $39.95 (1/1/2015) + $39.95 (2/1/2015) = $79.90. At cancellation (2/15/2015) amound due would be $203.84 minus $79.90 = $123.94 (includes balance from A Service and 3/1/2015 payment would be applied to difference of $123.94)